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iChill Air | Split System Hydro Cleaning

Split System

Hydro Cleaning

To keep your a/c running efficiently and germ free all year round!
  • 1 unit  = $132
  • 2 units  = $132 /unit
  • 3+ units  = $99 /unit
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inverter Split System | iChill Air


Heavy Industries Inverter Split System

  • 2.5KW  = $1290 Model SRK10YL-S
  • 3.5KW  = $1490 Model SRK13YL-S
  • 5.0KW  = $1790 Model SRK18YL-S
  • 7.1KW  = $2350 Model SRK24YRA-W

Price includes supply and installation based on a single story house with up to 2 metres of pipe and cable. If its a replacement unit it then we will take the old unit and rubbish away for you. Units come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty and 5 year installation warranty. Further costs may occur if the unit requires a new electrical circuit.